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Open API Exchange Platform

Simultaneously connecting major banks and more to your innovation

Explore your business potential by connecting and innovating via APIX


Delivers accurate and up-to-date services with seamless connectivity


Increase the variety of products and services with greater flexibility


Allows easy distribution of content and information​


Allows customized and value-added products for diverse custsomers


Reduces the effort for integration and testing


Provides a fertile environment for revolutionary product ideas

A simple, yet constructive user experience

Step 1

Register an APIX account and your app

Step 2

Subscribe to any API and start testing immediately

Step 3

Ready for production

Easy, straightforward responses
Retrieve API responses from sandbox right away

Deposit API

  • Product ID and Account Info
  • Bank Services Available
  • Offers and Promotions

We serve developers and make a difference

Standardized API Format

APIX streamlines the subscription process by standardizing specifications across all API providers

Integrated API Management

A solution that addresses all aspects of the API life cycle: creation, running, testing, management, analysis, and security


APIX includes security, traffic management, and mediation policy by leveraging JETCO standards


Easy selection and testing of APIs within developer apps before making actual engagements

Trusted Architecture

APIX architecture leverages IBM API Connect (APIC) which secures and controls access to APIs

Many-to-many Connections

APIX connects you to unlimited counter-parties, regardless of whether you are an API provider or TSP

Go beyond your product limitations
With your innovation and our API library

Banking APIs
APIX brings together an extensive collection of personal, commercial and retail banking APIs from banks across Hong Kong, thereby helping users to integrate financial features including deposits, loans, investments and more.
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Financial APIs
As one of Hong Kong’s top API hubs, we offer a wide range of financial APIs sourced from trusted institutions in the market to benefit society.
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Lifestyle APIs
We leverage the strength of the JETCO brand to connect with diverse industries, making APIX a central point for integrating financial products with everyday lifestyles.
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